Please send us an informal application letter by email. It should include the information mentioned below. Generally, we are more interested in what you want to do than what you have done in the past - no detailed CVs or long artists' statements, please.

If possible, link to documentation of your work online. If you must send an attachment, please limit yourself to two recent and relevant works, no more. If applicable, attach a very short and realistic project plan, including any wishes as to space, equipment, assistance and time frame. NB! We can receive email messages of maximum 10 MB.

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure a smooth processing of applications. Our selection committee, based in various locations, is giving their valuable time for free. Not all members speak French, so please write in English.

In your application letter, please provide the following information:


*First name:

*Year of birth:

*Nationality and/or country of residence:


*Possible website(s) with documentation of earlier work:

*Any particular works or projects on the website that you would   like us to pay attention to:

*Email address:

*Mobile phone:

*Preferred duration of residency:

*Preferred dates: 1) first choice 2) second choice

*Any accompanying person(s), dates:

*How would you like to spend your residency at Waaw? Please be as concrete as possible. Attach a very short project plan if applicable.

*Why are you interested in a residency at Waaw in particular?

*Particular needs and requirements for your stay and/or your project:

*Do you speak French? (Not required, but knowing this helps our planning)

*Have you visited Senegal or West Africa before?

We are looking forward to receiving your application.