life at waaw

In order to ensure that everyone has an agreeable stay at Waaw, we would like to draw the attention of applicants and future residents to the following:

Respect the spaces

The Waaw studio building is a fairly intimate space, where noise travels easily. Waaw hosts are staying on the first floor. You are welcome to use your studio, the library, courtyard and kitchenette  between 9:00 and 21:00. Please help us keep the place tidy. Smoking is not allowed indoors.

At the Gaye family's house, taking hosts and other guests into account is essential. Please follow instructions and rules of the house. No alcohol, no drugs allowed.

For those who require more independence, we can help finding other accommodation on town. In such cases, we charge 300 euro per person and month for work space at Waaw as well as project and other assistance.

The importance of sharing

Our aim is create opportunities for learning and for sharing work, thoughts and experiences with fellow residents, the Waaw host and visitors. Please be prepared to present your ongoing and previous work, and keep the host(s) informed about how your project is progressing. This includes taking part in the weekly meetings for residents and hosts. We will also present you and your project on social media.

Another aim of Waaw is to promote contacts and dialogue between resident artists and the host community. For this, respect for local culture is essential. Despite its cool appearance, Saint-Louis is neither a metropolis nor a beach resort for Westerners, but a fairly conservative town. Dress etiquette, rules of politeness and other social mores are important, and guests are asked to follow the advice of Waaw hosts in this field.

Your project

If you get selected for a residency, there will be others who are less lucky. We therefore expect you to take responsibility for your project and carry it out to the best of your ability. In order to avoid disappointment, please be realistic when you submit your project proposal. This is particularly important if you involve local institutions and individuals in your project. If you plan to travel in Senegal, we suggest you leave time for that after your scheduled residency period.

Insurance and medical matters

Waaw will take no liability for injury, illness, or loss of personal property or expenses thereof associated with residency participation.

Please have an international medical insurance and a third party insurance for all personal property and health. There is a hospital and a private clinic on the island, but for anything serious, you may have to be transported to Dakar for treatment. Note that our resources for accompanying guests to hospital in the case of preventable illness, such as malaria, are limited: if you refuse to take malaria prophylaxis or have vaccinations, you may reconsider your residency. If you suffer from a chronic condition or have reduced mobility, please let us know beforehand.


Waaw reserves the right to cancel a residency that is already taking place, based on reasons of inappropriate behaviour in any way towards other residents, hosts or town inhabitants. Complaints by others about a resident with such behaviour will be taken seriously and looked into.


On arrival at Waaw, you will be asked to sign a document where you agree to respect the points listed above. You will also be asked for a deposit of 100 euro to cover any damages to property.

Thank you for your understanding. 

ThankOn a

You may be aware that Senegal is not a prime safari destination. That does not mean an absence of fauna, however. We do have all sorts of creatures of the crawling and flying kind, even in and around the Waaw building itself. If you have a phobia of mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches or geckos, please consider if the subtropics is the best residency setting for you.