youngjoo yoo

Youngjoo Yoo (Korea) was artist in residence at Waaw for the period November 2012-

January 2013.


Young decided to work as a volunteer with the sanitation workers of the municipality of 
Saint-Louis. She followed them around the city and its suburbs in their daily work - for
which they were paid 2,000 fcfa (3 euros) a day. In addition to this, she cleaned an
abandoned public garden alone, for 36 days in a row. 


Her project "Beautiful is some moments" culminated in an installation made of found
objects: branches from the beach by the Guet Ndar cemetery, covered by cloth scraps
from tailors' shops. For each of the 36 days she had ben doing the cleaning work, she
planted one branch in the garden, each of the branches carrying one plastic bag. The
bags were dated and contained trash collected on that day.





















"Throughout the project I was being affected, bored, enthralled, irritated and inspired by people in St-Louis enjoying many beautiful moments with them. My work moved from making and finding beauty to participating and experiencing beauty. In fact, the experience of St-Louis was an encounter that would change the way I look at things."















      Photos: Riitta Liede (1), Thomas Rowell (2), Staffan Martikainen (3-8)