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The Waaw centre for art and design is offering an opportunity for architects or students of architecture to spend three weeks in residence in Saint-Louis, Senegal, 15 March - 5 April 2015.

This residency will focus on a special collaborative project: to plan a new, real building for residential purposes, in an existing space in the urban, historical setting of the island of Saint-Louis.

In the first week, you will get an introduction to the UNESCO heritage classified architecture of the island, with its roots in both the French and the local metis traditions. Efforts are being made to preserve and restore these colonial buildings, some of which are dilapidating fast. Saint-Louis also offers possibilities of studying present-day Senegalese vernacular architecture and urban environment.  You will visit the densely built Guet Ndar quarter, host to a fishermen's community with some cultural peculiarities.  You will meet local experts on history, architecture, construction and renovation, but you will also be able to explore on your own

The house to be planned will be constructed on a 200 m▓ plot in a residential area. Part of the original structures from the 20th century remain, either to be demolished or integrated into the project. According to the UNESCO rules, the colonial heritage must be taken into account in construction and renovation, in building techniques and fašades. You are also encouraged to experiment with sustainable, low-budget solutions for construction and energy supply.


Practising professional architects and advanced students of architecture are welcome to apply. Knowledge of French is an asset.

Selected participants will stay at the Waaw artists' residence free of charge.
Waaw will arrange a free programme of guided visits and meetings in English and/or French. We will also provide you with contacts locally and carry out preparatory research (resources permitting) as well as help you find interpreters or assistants if needed.

Private transport from and to Dakar airport as well as budget accommodation in Dakar for the first night will be arranged - count on approx. 100 euro for the whole package. Please also calculate with airfare to Senegal, all meals, costs for interpreters and any individual excursions. A restaurant meal in Saint-Louis costs between 2.50 and 10 euro.

Hope to see you in Saint-Louis!













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How to apply

Please send an informal application letter by email to info [ńt] Please tell us why you are interested in taking part in this residency.

If possible, link to earlier work online. 


We would like to hear from you as soon as possible.