"Through Ms Asami Hayashida, who was working as a volunteer for the municipality of Saint-Louis, I made contact with a group of young women at the Sor Daga school. 

After an introduction on 

environmental matters by Asami, the participants came up with a story for the animation. First, we made the characters and the background and then the animation itself. The film is about a lady 

who is throwing litter in the street, refusing to admit that it is wrong even though several other women turn up to protest against her behaviour. All is well that ends well - a dustbin is brought onto the scene by a strange character and everyone is tidying up (the question of what to do about the dustbin is not solved, though)."

Gun Holmström's website:

gun holmström


Gun Holmström (visual artist, Finland) carried out a collaborative film project with young women during her residency in February 2013. The Wolof-language film, realised as a stop-motion animation, has an environmental theme. See it here:




            Photo: Gun Holmström