journalists' residency

The Waaw centre for art and design is offering an opportunity for professional journalists to spend a week in residence in Saint-Louis, Senegal, West Africa,

1-7 March 2015.

The week will serve as an introduction to the fascinating city of Saint-Louis and its surroundings. We will organise guided activities in and outside the town as well as meetings with interesting persons in town, but you will also have time for independent work.

You will learn about the vital Senegalese traditional culture and contemporary cultural expressions, the French character of the old town, a Unesco world heritage site, the remarkable fishermen's community, the world-class Djoudj bird reserve, the climate change challenges (Saint-Louis, the sinking Venice of Africa?) and the tourism industry. In addition, you will have the opportunity to follow the work of international artists in residence at Waaw, collaborating with local craftspeople and cultural actors.

Waaw will arrange accommodation and transports as well as a free programme of guided visits and meetings in English (or with interpretation from French). We will also provide you with contacts locally and carry out preparatory research (resources permitting) as well as help you find interpreters or assistants if needed. 


Sun 1 March - Arrival at Dakar airport, overnight

Mon 2 March - Car transport to Saint-Louis, access to rooms, lunch and tour of the town

Tue-Wed 3-4 March - Tours and meetings in Saint-Louis

Thu 5 March - Morning excursion to Djoudj bird reserve

Fri 6 March - Free for individual work or leisure

Sat 7 March - Car transport to Dakar. Departure in the evening. Alternatively, stay on in Dakar or Saint-Louis for further work or exploration - we can book accommodation for you.

Accommodation options

For the first night in Dakar, you can choose between

AHotel Djoloff, 6 km from the airport, close to the Soumbedioune fishing harbour. Breakfast included.

B Auberge Maam Samba, in Ngor, 2 km from the airport - a fair trade and eco-friendly hotel. Breakfast included.

C Auberge Espace Thialy, in Patte d'Oie-Builders 3 km from the airport - a basic but charming guesthouse.

For the next five nights in Saint-Louis, there are four options:

D (mini suite, single occupancy) and E (single room) at Au fil du fleuve - an elegant guesthouse where contemporary design and local heritage meet. At walking distance from Waaw. Breakfast included.

FHotel Siki, just around the corner from Waaw. Named after the first African world champion in boxing, Battling Siki, who originated from here. The modern interiors have an African touch. Rooms are self-contained and furnished with desks. Breakfast included. Good wifi connection in the restaurant.

G The Waaw artists' residence - basic accommodation and workspace in a creative atmosphere, sharing bathrooms and other facilities with international artists. Rooms are furnished with desks. Breakfast not included, but available in cafés nearby. Wifi. - sorry, no vacant rooms

H Auberge Le Pelican- a basic hostel on the beach 3.5 km from the centre. Shared bathrooms. To get there, take a taxi for €2.50.

Below, see the total price for the week, depending on your choice of accommodation. Prices included single room accommodation in Dakar and Saint-Louis, transfer services including pick-up at Dakar airport, the programme of visits and meetings in Saint-Louis as well as some interpretation services. Double room prices on request.

Please also calculate with airfare to Senegal, all meals and any individual excursions. A restaurant meal in Saint-Louis costs between 2.50 and 10 euro. For a full-day interpreter/assistant for individual work, expect to pay 15-20 euro.

Welcome to Saint-Louis!

A + D    € 605

A + E    € 480 full

A + F    € 410

A + G    € 325 full

A + H    € 325

B + D    € 540

B + E    € 415 full

B + F    € 345

B + G    € 260 full

B + H    € 260

C + D    € 520

C + E    € 395 full

C + F    € 325

C + G    € 245 full

C + H    € 245

We have a few places available for latecomers - please email us at info [at] before 20 January!